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Why the Best SEO Resellers Work in Teams

If you are researching Search Engine Optimization reseller services, chances are you already know something about the subject. The goal is simple, to reach your target audience by having a large and well-crafted presence on the Internet. Once you’ve come that far in your research, things become a bit hazy. How does one acquire a significant online footprint without being a large media outlet or celebrity?

Then you dig a bit deeper and learn that by filling out your websites and social media with trending key terms that appeal to web surfers, in general, you can draw more clicks to your content than you would otherwise. Unfortunately, many people who need quality search engine optimization for their organization, product, or business stop there. They assume that by dropping in certain popular words and phrases into their content they have done their SEO work and can get on with other things.

That might have worked for the first person to ever think to try and optimize their SEO performance, but today EVERYONE is doing SEO. Unfortunately, SEO optimization is like an arms race where everyone has to raise their own efforts anytime anyone finds a new advantage. For that reason, SEO is no longer something that someone can do in their spare time and expect to gain any virtual ground out of it.

Nowadays, at the very least, you need a professional SEO reseller whose job it is to follow a strict, methodical, and proven procedure designed to get measurable results for their clients. It is a full-time job. At this point, if you’re part of a large firm or if you know a thing or two about large advertising campaigns, then you’re probably thinking that one person cannot do all the SEO work for an organization that needs to have a very large impact- or a very broad impact. Large media outlets are such organizations, of course. But they can take care of themselves. Many smaller firms, however, may have a small target audience- a sparse or niche target demographic that is spread thinly across populations. Such an audience cannot be effectively reached with a billboard, or a single Facebook page- not quickly anyway.

The chances are that a business with needs like that, or similar needs are going to have to have at least a specialized SEO reseller. But even more likely is that they are going to need a specialized SEO reseller team.

What are the Advantages of an SEO Reseller Team?
Simply put, the advantage of an SEO team is that a team can achieve goals than an individual could not? Well, if you’re asking what could be so hard about SEO that one person, working full time, could not do the job alone- then it is time for you to go down the checklist.

The job description of an SEO reseller is always being renovated. That’s because the arms race of Internet viability is always being ramped up to ever higher and more complex levels- and there’s are no signs that it will be slowing down anytime soon.

What are an SEO Reseller’s Responsibilities?
Here is the basic checklist. It contains many subcategories, each of which could easily become the job of a single person when working a campaign with sufficiently heavy lifting to be done.

1. Keyword researching:
Judge the value of specific keywords; knowing the relevance of a keyword, and any phrase or slogan it might be found in can take an education in linguistics. Understanding keyword long tail means maximizing the search popularity of the keywords you have available to you. Not everyone has access to the best keywords on the net, and most have to make due with what they have.
2. Directories:
Choosing a directory isn’t terribly time-consuming, and once you’ve chosen one for a given purpose you can usually stick with it. But it is a matter of strategical import and should not be undertaken lightly.
3. Site-map building and submissions:
The sitemap building can be intensive. One must know the format and understand how they work via the user end. For large jobs that require teams, sitemaps must usually be integrative with other sitemaps. Finally, sitemaps must be validated and submitted for approval.
4. Original content and materials:
This is a job that almost certainly requires a specialist. Most websites rely on at least some written content. This requires someone to produce this content which needs to be engaging, well-edited and incorporate all the necessary keywords in an organic way.
5. Creating search-friendly architecture:
This entails a list of technical specifications such as;

  • HTTPS encryption
  • 404 bad URLs
  • Implement canonical breadcrumb URLs
  • security certificate
  • spidering of a site via robots.txt
  • Redirect old URLs
  • Declare your document type
  • valid HTML
  • Differentiate link text
  • Add descriptive image alt attributes
  • Use valid CSS
  • Forget printer-friendly pages
  • Avoid using HTML frames
  • Underline clickable links

…and there’s about thirty more on this checklist that I’d like to be able to explain to you, but I’m just the content creator.

As you can see, few people could do all of this alone. That is why the best SEO work is done by well-organized teams of professionals, each of which is expected to remain within he or his own wheelhouse.

When you outsource SEO task,s knowing whether or not your job will require some heavy lifting, making sure your reseller uses a team based SEO reseller program might be a top item on your check off list when you’re vetting your potential SEO hires.

admin • September 30, 2015

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