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Four Things Every SEO Reseller Should Know

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If you’re up on your internet marketing lingo, you’re probably quite familiar with the term SEO — short for search engine optimization (but you knew that). You might not realize, though, that a large portion of the SEO content created on the web today is actually packaged up by SEO resellers and sold to their clients at a profit, even though these agencies might not have done the actual creating.

Yes, plenty of agencies aim to diversity their brand by outsourcing SEO creation to third-party companies. That saves the SEO resellers loads of capital because they don’t have to hire a whole new team. It’s a lot easier than it sounds, believe me. In fact, your business likely already has what it takes to begin your own SEO reseller services. Just remember that it’s all about…

Building a solid customer base

Look, no reputable SEO firm is going to want to partner with a raggedy startup that’s barely making ends meet as it is. In order to expand into SEO territory, you first have to prove that you can make your main operation profitable. In other words, if you’re a web design firm, land as many clients as you can and design the heck out of their websites. Make your work known and let the web take notice.

Researching the leading wholesale agencies

Just like the top wholesaling companies won’t want to work with a broke-down business, you, too, should avoid joining up with a less-than-able SEO agency. Always do your homework before you start pitching partnerships to SEO firms. Find out what they specialize in, what their strengths are and who their clients have been. Then, when you find one you feel good about, make sure you have a solid list of clients ready to show them.

Reselling at a profit

Don’t worry: You’re not going to lose these clients. In fact, when you join forces with a good SEO wholesaler, you’re likely to start gaining more. And you’ll never have to fret that your wholesaler will steal them away since both of you will likely sign non-compete clauses. Once all the details are locked in place, you’ll begin outsourcing your SEO content creation to your partner agency. Then, you’ll resell that content to your clients at a profit. Sound like a good plan?

Creating your own SEO content team

It shouldn’t be the whole plan, though. SEO resellers should always be yearning to reach into the upper regions of the market — that is, being able to operate a viable SEO content-creation team in-house. But that’s a long way away. First, it’s all about firming up your client base and becoming the top SEO reseller company you can. Everything else will fall into place after the groundwork is laid.

admin • January 3, 2014

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