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Becoming a Certified SEO Reseller in Five Easy Steps

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Outsourcing SEO can be a great way for an agency to earn some extra revenue while simultaneously learning the ropes of the search engine optimization game. Keep in mind: This is a game that requires some time spent in the minor leagues before a company gets called up the majors. Becoming an SEO outsourcing company is like a season spent on the sidelines, studying every play and jotting down plenty of notes to become a better competitor. Want to know how? Start with these five quick tips, then see where the business tide takes you.

Build up a customer base.

If you’re considering venturing into becoming a certified SEO reseller, you likely have plenty of experience working with customers online. Most agencies that resell SEO already offer other web services — especially design and social media — which makes adding another one to the pile more or less an easy task. But wholesalers will want to see exactly how they can grow with you during a partnership, which is why it’s important to…

Prepare a list of your services.

This should go without saying, but an SEO company is likely not going to go into business with you if you don’t quite have it together. Your customer base should be strong, your customer relationships should be outstanding and your service should speak for itself. When you begin to consider partnering with a wholesaling agency, they’ll want to make sure they’re not wasting their precious resources on a small-time operation.

Court different wholesaling agencies.

It never hurts to shop around. Look, it’s already been established that you’re working with limited resources. If you had the capital, you’d just as soon begin your own SEO content creation team in-house. But since you don’t, you could use a bargain. That said, however, you don’t want to just pick the first option you have. It helps to meet with different agencies and see the kind of service they can offer you. After all, you won’t become an SEO outsourcing company without a little adventure.

Resell content under your own brand name.

Once you develop a positive working relationship with your wholesaler, you might eventually be able to take the next step into what’s called white label SEO. An SEO outsourcing company operating under white label is able to resell its wholesaler-provided content to clients using its own company name. This build more brand visibility for your agency and allows you to begin to diversify, which should pay off when you finally…

Launch your own in-house SEO.

That’s the end result of all this, isn’t it? You want to expand your brand, then let the entire Internet know you can handle it all. Web design, social media, SEO content creation — it doesn’t matter. There is no task too great for your little startup operation which, by now, has hopefully blossomed into a slightly bigger operation, complete with its own in-house SEO team. It’s all about getting to the finish line.

admin • November 28, 2013

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