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Three Things You Should Avoid in SEO Reseller Plans

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Engaging in SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is necessary if a company wants to move forward with their online visibility. It’s just as important to recognize the growing strength of U.S. eCommerce — expected to exceed over $260 billion this year — as it is to recognize the power of search engines, with Google alone fielding billions of inquiries every day. %3Cbr%3E

If you are thinking of becoming an SEO reseller, you’re both a consumer and a business owner at once. You’re looking for great services to pass on to your client, while also searching for plans that will work best with your current set-up and needs. As you’ve probably realized by now, not all SEO reseller services are legitimate. Here are three things you should avoid in your search for outsource SEO services.

1. SEO Reseller Packages That Come With No Assistance

Even with the best content management systems in place, SEO can be a confusing terrain, especially when you’re working with another company’s website, employees and logistics. There are very cheap SEO reseller plans out there that come with no strings attached — but this is one of those times in life when you should look for strings. Look for people who will respond promptly to your emails, and companies that offer meetings and instructions to get you on board. A responsive company that wants to enable you to meet your goals will help guide you through the process initially.

2. Companies That Offer Tons of Links at Very Low Costs

As Google’s own Matt Cutts has said, “We’re turning the dial up to let people know that certain link spam techniques are a waste of money.” It bears repeating that bad link schemes are often punished by Google with a fall in search ranking — recent examples of this include Expedia and Rap Genius. If it can happen to powerful sites, it can happen to you, too. And in this case it’s your customers’ websites that will be affected. Avoid this whole hassle by looking for companies that leave inbound links in articles that are interesting and relevant to online searchers. Make sure the reseller program gives you access to posted content so that you can check for quality.

3. SEO Reseller Services Based Outside of the U.S.

You can get cheap SEO from Asia without a doubt. And a small percentage of the time, it might work great. In most cases, however, the old adage “you get what you pay for” will apply. As noted above, the actual quality of the content inbound links are inserted into matters, and can be evaluated, by Google. Someone trying to write great content in a language they don’t really speak is not going to deliver the same level of performance a company based in an english speaking country might.

%3Cbr%3EWhat do you look for in great SEO reseller services? Let us know in the comments.

admin • January 21, 2014

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