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How to Choose the Right SEO Reseller Company

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When you’re running a web-based business, it helps to be able to wear many hats at the same time. At their cores, web enterprises are inherently juggling tasks and they rarely succeed if they can’t handle multiple demands and functions simultaneously. Of course, no duty is more important than the one you founded your business upon. If you’re a web design company, for example, you need to provide your customers will the highest-quality web design they can find on the web.

But after a while, you might need to branch out and expand your services. After all, the web tends to reward companies who can multitask their operations. Say you’re thinking of expanding into the search engine optimization game but you simply don’t have the resources to launch an entirely new team of content creators. By partnering with an SEO reseller company, however, you won’t have to.

What does an SEO reseller company do?

Web startups with plenty of capital tend to invest it in creating large operations that provide several different services to their clients. This makes a company diversified, which, in turns, typically leads to higher profits. A company that creates SEO content can choose to sell that content to a middleman — in this case, your web design firm — who then resells it to its own clients. In short, you become the reseller, enjoying the fruits of the labor of the SEO wholesaler and the profits. But it’s not that easy. First, you have to…

Build up your client base.

No SEO wholesaler is going to enter into business dealings with a fledgling startup, so prove yourself a worthy partner. Establish a solid foundation of clients to boast, then show your prospective wholesaler that you already have clients interested in your SEO services. The wholesaler will be impressed and will see you’re serious about the operation. From there, your chances of becoming a solid SEO reseller company increase greatly, as long as you…

Choose the right wholesaler to go into business with.

In today’s Internet marketing landscape, there are plenty of companies that specialize in SEO. Just as these wholesalers will vet you to ensure they’re going to benefit from the deal, you should do the same. Not every company is going to provide you with good content to outsource SEO with. You need to look at client lists, years of experience, awards won and other important factors to see if you’re making a worthwhile investment for your own company, too.

Look, listen and learn.

The goal of becoming an SEO reseller company is not to remain one forever. In fact, the more your brand grows as a reseller, the more profitable your company becomes. This can lead to new opportunities down the line to invest in your own in-house SEO operation, taking you from a simple SEO outsourcer to a full-service agency capable of multiple client demands. And who knows? In the end, you might even become the wholesaler to another small firm looking to resell SEO. It’s all about making the right decision in the moment.

admin • December 16, 2013

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