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When the Outsourcers Need to Outsource

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You do SEO, and you do it well. Companies come to you because they simply do not have the time to learn all that goes into high quality SEO, nor do they have the daily resources (manpower, time, money) to do their own SEO properly if they DID learn about it. They bring their business to you, an expert, so they can continue to focus on their own business and how to run it.
Did you know that you can do the same thing?
Just because you are good at SEO does not necessarily mean you are good at dealing with clients, or that you particularly want to deal with clients, from a customer service standpoint. Maybe you just want to put your nose to the grindstone and spend your time optimizing. A perfectly valid desire. But SOMEONE has to deal with the clients.
So why not start offering SEO reseller packages? By turning your SEO company primarily into a provider of SEO outsourcing services, and by leaving the client interaction to a reseller SEO can once again be your entire focus.
You also have the option of offering a reseller SEO services that can be “rebranded”. This kind of SEO (often referred to as “white label”) provides a reseller SEO that they can brand any way they see fit, usually as their own. You become a supplier, and your reseller is your distributor, marking up your services to their clients, who now have a single point of contact for all their customer service needs.
SEO reselling is a great way for you to do what so many of your customers find so necessary… to outsource certain tasks to other people, and to focus on the things you do best. It seems to work well for them. Why not for you too?

admin • September 10, 2013

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