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So you have heard about this new Search Engine Optimization thing that is all the rage in the online marketing world. It is booming and you want to get involved to get your piece of the action. The only problem there is that you have no idea what SEO really is or how to do it. You would not know where to begin.

Luckily for you, there is a perfect opportunity for you in something known as SEO outsourcing services. By outsourcing SEO, you are leaving all of the actual SEO work to the big time, pro SEO companies out there, and you are in charge of handling all of the clients. SEO reseller programs benefit everyone involved, and can be quite lucrative under the right conditions.

Not clear? Have an example. Frank’s Clogs has a shop set up online. But no one can find it so he is not getting any business. It makes sense to conclude that Frank needs SEO work so that its search engine rank can be boosted, he can be discovered online, and therefore see an increase in sales with his traffic. But Frank has no idea what SEO is.

The Top Rank SEO company is one of the best around. They have tons of clients, and always show great results for whatever campaign they start. But the problem is, they have more clients than they have account managers. Their development team can handle the extra work, they just do not have anyone who can bring it in. They do not have the staff to reach out to Frank.

You and your SEO reseller programs come swooping in to save the day. You do not tell Frank that you are going to outsource the SEO aspect of the job, you just come in and praise the benefits of a solid SEO campaign, you sell the services and show Frank how big Frank’s Clogs can actually become. Frank hires you, and you take his account and all of the pertinent information over to Top Rank SEO. They handle the campaign, and you bring the results back over to Frank.

Simple, straight forward, and a great way to get started in the field of search engine optimization. This is the perfect position for you if you are a people person, are a born salesman, and can work well as a middleman. Consider it. It could be the start of a great new career move for you.

admin • September 26, 2013

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