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Three things an SEO reseller should watch out for

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Over the past decade, SEO has grown into a multi billion dollar industry. For someone that wants to work as an online SEO reseller, there is no better first step than to find a state of the art search marketing company to work for. Working with a second rate search engine marketing firm could be a good way to drive a brand new SEO outsourcing and reselling business straight into the ground. There are three things in particular that an SEO reseller should always remember to watch out for. That way, their aspiring business will not have to suffer.

Any potential SEO reseller should make sure that they never have to worry about passing on antiquated or frowned upon search marketing techniques to their clients. A few years ago, certain techniques like stuffing, link farming and spinning were considered acceptable. Nowadays, there rather frowned upon. In fact, websites like Google have started throwing out companies that use them heavily. By working with a web marketer that focuses more on content management and marketing, an SEO reseller will save themselves a lot of trouble.

SEO resellers should also remember to keep a watchful eye out for anyone that claims to be able to give their clients a number one ranking within a certain amount of time. Those that are desperate to outsource SEO could wind up paying a lot of money only to be disappointed later on. Certain SEO campaigns take months, or even years to work out.

Finally, a vigilant SEO reseller should also not have to worry about working with a company that is being run by a group of amateurs. Most people when asked would rather be under the care of a search marketing firm that is headed by people with Fortune 500 experience. In order to deliver real results, an SEO reseller should work with those that are used to generating them. By keeping things like these in mind, anyone can make sure that they are lined up for success, rather than failure.

admin • March 29, 2013

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