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It seems like everywhere you look on the internet lately, there are mentions of search engine marketing or search engine optimization. Search engine optimization, or seo, is a great marketing tool for businesses on a budget, or businesses looking to move up in the rankings. Seo is the practice of improving the rankings of a website through free or “organic” listings.

For a small business, the task of simply running the business can be daunting, so adding the element of learning and effectively utilizing seo strategies can be a serious challenge. For companies looking to reap the benefits of seo, but are unsure if they can manage the task, seo outsourcing is a great alternative.

If you choose to outsource seo for your company, the benefits are overwhelming. First and foremost, seo can increase your revenue by leaps and bounds. If we are being honest, you know that most people do not waste time scrolling to page 5 of the search results, so if that is where your website is showing up in the rankings, no one will ever find your website. Website visibility means more clicks on your website, and more clicks ultimately means a higher likelihood of customer follow through.

Another benefit of choosing to outsource seo and working with an seo reseller is you save money. While this does not make sense at first, (how can you save money by hiring someone else?) it is true. If you were to hire someone to do in house seo, you would have to hire them based on a salary, as well as train them, which is incredibly expensive. If you outsource seo, your seo resellers are only paid for the time spent on your particular brand. An seo reseller has dozens, if not hundreds of clients, and may only spend say, 3 hours on your program a week. It is significantly less expensive to pay someone for 3 hours rather than a salaried employee in house.

Finally, choosing to outsource seo opens plenty of avenues you may have never even thought of. Seo resellers hold the key to tons of networking opportunities, and are able to disseminate your brands through multiple vehicles that you otherwise may never have had access to.

If you are a small business, or any sized business for that matter, looking to gain traction in the rankings, you may want to outsource seo services. Shop around for different plans and options to find one that works for both who you are as a brand, and that is within your budget. Higher rankings means more customers, and is that not ultimately the goal?

admin • January 15, 2013

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