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How the Best SEO Reseller Gains Traction for Clients

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Ninety three percent of any given online users’ experience will start with a visit to a search engine site. This demonstrates how important today’s search engine companies are, and how important online marketing tools like search engine optimization are too. After all, 70 percent of the links a user clicks on today are organic, meaning they are not coming from ads. SEO works specifically to increase these organic rankings through making these pages and the content on those pages more visible for users, thereby giving their clients better exposure and an enhanced positioning.

People are increasingly using search engines nearly every time they desire more information on a service, a product or a person. And why not? Users would rather click on original sources of information instead of paid ads. They use these technologies to give them useful links. Even smartphone users are getting in on using these technologies, with 64 percent reporting that they will use their devices to research and buy products online.

Looking at the other side of things, companies use SEO to position themselves in front of these savvy users, who are getting smarter with each passing day. Increasingly too, they are depending on SEO resellers, who essentially are hosting these services through their own companies even though another company actually is offering SEO service. Some do well here, while others have trouble. Thus, there are a few things that separate the best SEO reseller from the rest.

For one, the best SEO reseller understands SEO as an effective solution from the inside out, working to research it and making effective pitches to clients. For another, the best SEO reseller picks the right programs that are both proven and extremely effective at getting clients positive recognition. Also, the best SEO reseller cares enough about its clients to listen to their wishes and demands and then incorporating those demands into effective programs and solutions.

The best SEO reseller is nowhere without a strong client, though. Since companies will typically respond only about 30 percent of the time to fans and followers who leave feedback for them, some clients are unwilling to budge on what they must do for increased visibility even when the best Seo reseller in the entire world is chosen. Thus, sometimes resellers have to cut their losses and move on to clients who are more willing to be active participants in their marketing programs.

admin • December 14, 2012

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