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A SEO Reseller Offers You Subsidized Rates

As a SEO reseller you will be helping bring visibility to a website that is not experienced in doing this themselves. This is why you will find yourself working with a lot of companies who have no experience with e commerce. All these companies usually know is that they need a website that can be found within the Search Engines so that they can make money. For this reason they are more than willing to outsource SEO work to a SEO reseller. Whenever you work in the role of a SEO reseller you will be have your own name and logo but will simply act as a middleman between such websites and those who provide Search Engine services.

One way that you will know that a customer is in need of a SEO reseller is that they will give you their whole website and ask you to get it listed at the top of the Search Engines for them. They may tell you that they have tried to use keywords throughout their website in hopes of getting there themselves. Sometimes this will help a bit but it will never be as much as you can do for them as a SEO reseller.

As a SEO reseller you can also help a website owner get all of the relevant links that they need in order to boost the ranking by having weighty connections. This is an easy thing to do since you simply need to have the SEO company submit the website to relevant directories where people can search for the informative content it has to offer. Whenever this is done well the work will prove well worth the cost.

These are just some of the things that you can offer as a SEO reseller. Of course, offering attractive deals is also an important part of your role as a SEO reseller. It is vital to understand that the magnitude of the strategy being employ plays a huge role whenever it comes to determining cost though.

admin • November 15, 2011

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