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Many tech savvy young online marketing professionals have considered making a living as an SEO reseller in recent years. Becoming an SEO reseller is a fine thing, but there are some things you need to bear in mind when starting and running your new enterprise. A good SEO reseller can not only get clients the measurable results they want to see, but can get these results by always and only dealing honestly and ethically online.

Make sure that, as an SEO reseller, you deal only in white label or private label SEO tactics. A white label or private label SEO reseller deals only in ethical and legal ways to boost search engine rankings, which include submitting site information to search engine listings, using social media for maximum effect, and choosing the best and most relevant keywords for the sites you work on. If you can make these methods work for you and your clients as an SEO reseller, you will likely have a long and prosperous career ahead of you.

However, you should never, ever become an SEO reseller that deals in black hat or black label tactics to any degree. These terms, of course, refer to the illegal and unethical means of boosting search engine rankings, which include spamming, choosing popular but irrelevant keywords, and hiding text to fool search engine indexing bots. It should be noted that most search engine algorithms worldwide are quite adept at finding and permanently banning black hat tacticians and any SEO reseller who uses them, so the damage to your reputation and business is far from worth any temporary gains you might achieve by gaming the system. Always be honest with your clients, be willing to answer any questions they might have thoroughly and cheerfully, and keep your business model as ethical as possible, and you should be rewarded with an excellent career. Good luck!

admin • October 30, 2010

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