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There was a time when I didn’t outsource SEO

There was a time before I decided to outsource SEO, and I was trying to do all my SEO work on my own without the help of outside contractors and their sub contractors. Around when I started to feel like I was getting some good work done without having to outsource SEO, I realized that I had begun to neglect other duties that were more important; things like shipping my merchandise, managing my inventory, answering customer questions, posting on auction web sites, and so on. I realized that I would have to outsource SEO if I wanted to have the time I needed to do my important business practices without which the SEO work would be completely pointless! I asked some friends in the area if they knew of a local consultant to whom I could outsource SEO for my new small business web site, and, although none of them could think of a good pro to whom I could outsource SEO work, one of them suggested I do a specific search on the world wide web to find a professional in the area that was right for me. I went home, sat down at my desk top computer in my home office, cracked my knuckles, opened a web browser, headed to my favorite search engine, and put in some search terms that would help me find the pro in the area to whom I could outsource SEO work that I needed done. In no time, I found a bunch of results for local consultants who could meet my wants, needs, expectations, and budgetary constraints. I am really glad that I took the time that I needed to find someone who was right for me, because, now that I have someone to whom I outsource SEO, I have someone making efforts to improve my placement within search engine result lists, and I have the time I need to make sure the rest of my job is done.

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admin • June 16, 2010

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