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Thinking About Expanding Your Business as an SEO Reseller?

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We all know that the key word in websites today is “effectiveness.” Does the website effectively convey the message your clients want their customers to receive? Is the website effectively bringing in business? Do your clients’ websites enjoy the flow of commerce? Have you been able to apply Search Engine Optimization (SEO) principles effectively to help drive new clients to your clients’ sites? Have your marketing ideas retained clients because their customers are a happy lot?

Are you making more money?

Good for you!

But now, maybe you’re ready to try a new sales avenue, since things are percolating along. Maybe it’s time for you to become an SEO reseller. Your clients are very much aware of SEO because you’ve taught them well and made some provisions to help them. But as you get more clients, SEO services can absorb a lot more of your time…and maybe that’s not where you want to put your energies and talents.

Becoming an SEO reseller means that you’ll contract an SEO service that will do all the work in the background for you. Your customers will access the information through your website, but all the data they see is provided by the SEO agent. You sell the services to your clients, and the SEO agent backs you up. You outsource SEO services to save yourself time but also to be able to tap into the products, analytics, marketing and experience of a company that concentrates on this one thing. As an SEO reseller, you choose a partner that will act in the best interests of your clients.

SEO outsourcing gives you one more service to offer your clients, while you take a pretty healthy markup. Many SEO firms will also help you to market your services to clients, and sell renewals after initial contracts expire. As an SEO reseller, you can provide SEO reports, link building, audits, campaigns and in most cases, a dashboard for all these features. Your clients think you’ve outdone yourself in the professional quality and depth of services you offer.

Your competitors who started by offering the same services you do may have progressed to become SEO resellers themselves. Now it’s your turn With help from an SEO company, you may be able to offer a lot more, and to more of your clients, quickly. As an SEO reseller, you are expanding your reach with your clients, giving them one more good reason to stay loyal to you. And let’s be honest, as an SEO reseller with the right company behind you, you can be a lifesaver for a company struggling to get noticed and increase business.

admin • May 20, 2013

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