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70 percent of the links that users will click on are known as organic links. SEO reseller plans can allow you to supply your clients with this type of content, which is specifically written and coded to be more attractive to search engines without the need for sponsored link or advertisement status. Because users are more likely to click on organic content, it is more likely to be higher in the rankings if it is well written. With SEO reseller plans that can provide high quality organic web sites, it is easier to get the 79 percent of users who click on natural search engine results. Nearly the same number of users say they do not click on sponsored results at all, so in competitive online marketing environments, SEO reseller plans that provide organic results are going to be a clear advantage.

Internet marketing relies on feedback through action. When more users are clicking on a link and sharing it with friends through other areas, such as social media, it can have a positive effect on the ranking that a website has. Whenever a user performs a search, search engines will attempt to use all of this information to determine which sites are the most relevant to the query, and will display sites in order accordingly. 93 percent of internet users begin their online experience with a search engine every day, so social and search marketing are both vital to get positive results to a client that needs to increase their traffic. SEO reseller plans that take on these and other services, which can include web design and backlink management, will help you to give your clients satisfactory results.

The more traffic that you can generate for a client, the happier they will be to continue to buy more content and services from you. If you have SEO reseller plans in place that can support growth, then you can increase the amount of services and content that you receive through the plan. You can also use the SEO reseller plans and their respective online marketing tools to adjust content to fit the needs of the client as well. Some SEO reseller programs also allow you to track and monitor content to ensure that it is performing to the specifications of your clients. These SEO reseller plans will give you the best foundation on which you can build your business and your reputation.

admin • February 22, 2013

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